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Color island | Burano

The local people used to make a living as fishermen. Housewives painted their houses to make it easier for men who left home to find a house. Therefore, it is also called the colorful island.

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Kiruna, Sweden | In Search of Romance at the End of the World

Kiruna, Sweden

The dream city of aurora

About coordinates

A city at the northern tip of Sweden, known for its aurora and igloos

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Venice | A romantic city on the water

Venice, a romantic city on the water, is known as "born, beautiful and prosperous by water".  In this impetuous world, there is so a city, isolated all noisy, lying quietly on the water, gentle and tender feelings, as if in the dream on creating a blue wave.

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Fairy Tale Town | Christmas atmosphere

On weekdays, the town is already dreamy enough. In the Christmas season, the decoration of Christmas decorations turns the town into a fairy tale town in the snow, and it is the peak of the year!

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A fairy tale town under the snowy mountains! Warm and beautiful!

Switzerland can be said to be the white moonlight in the hearts of many people. The green spring and summer as beautiful as oil paintings, and the winter fairy tales of ice and snow make people yearn for it!

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Weekend  | Dinner with atmosphere

Ordinary life will become particularly beautiful because of the trivial sense of ritual. Slow down the pace of life, take a little time, light a few candles, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy romantic moments with important people

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Breakfast | Banana Cinnamon Open with Yogurt Bowl with Latte

Black Sesame Yogurt Bowl


Banana Cinnamon Open Sandwich

Mash half a banana with cinnamon, spread it on the bread, and add the rest of bananas, sprinkled with cinnamon powder and nutmeg to garnish

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Therme Meran|Hot Spring Hotel I fell in love with at a glance

Therme Meran, located in the northern Italian border town of Merano

The town is famous for hot springs, skiing and recuperation

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Energy Breakfast | Peanut Butter West Toast

Super delicious quick breakfast, easy to make, never get tired of eating it~

Another cup of Affogato, this collision is exciting!

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Easy and stylish travel outfits 

Autumn is here, and the weather is getting colder. We have organized a collection of comfortable casual wear for everyone.

Go out and enjoy the late summer scenery

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