You don’t have to be left behind in the race to digital. I believe you have the skills to be a Leader in a Web 2.0 world, RIGHT NOW. Not tomorrow, but today.

A few years ago I was working with a startup incubator in Silicon Valley.  Our focus was to empower high growth technology startups to scale their businesses.  Many times, the entrepreneurs focused on the technology behind their product.  I noticed that the most successful companies invested a lot of time in crafting the founding team.  They looked for creative and motivated people. Diversity was important to them and they invested in team training from Day 1.

Companies that focus on culture and hiring engaged, creative workers – have the best outcomes: Happy team, faster success and fun along the way.

Human Side of Tech is all about bringing developing teams and talent for the technology sector.  Focus on not just the software – but equally on the peopleware.  

Developing the human side of tech is all about

  • Flexible Leadership for an ever changing world: always practicing 
  • Embracing digital disruption: develop your own disruptors mindset
  • Reimagine your relationship with creativity: act courageously and trust yourself (and ignore the ‘gurus’)


My ideas stem from the fact that I have had to write and rewrite my own rules many times. For the last decade I have supported organizations throughout Europe, the United States and Latin America living in 10 cities on 4 continents.  Altogether I have presented to thousands of people in live hands-on workshops and virtual training classrooms.

I have worked across sectors, my first trainings were in conjunction with a White House Initiative, where at just 23 years old.  I presented at more than 50 universities on designing 21st century global leadership.  I served as main representative to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations for three years. 

I earned my B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz -go Slugs!  I love learning and graduated in top 10% receiving Phi Beta Kappa National honors.

The rest of my time is spent studying cartography, doodling and day dreaming about our place in this mysterious galaxy.

I’m always on the hunt for inspiring workplace culture stories – got one?


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