Design a culture you want everyone to know about.

If you want to be part of a great place to work – then you’re in the right place!

Everyone deserves to have a great place to work.  I’m on a mission to facilitate better workplace experiences for 1,000,000 people. I work with partners to design a thriving culture and talent-attracting employer brand.

My goal is to empower you (and your team) to move away from ‘struggling to keep up with change ‘​ ➯ to move towards being known as a place with a clearly defined culture and a place people love to work.

Do you keep hearing about employee engagement, culture, the Future of Work, and Management 3.0?  What’s all this hype about employer branding, recruitment marketing?  The business landscape is being reinvented by workplace innovators who are running micro-experiments defining new ways of working.  Check out the free resources page with ideas of how you can start implementing exercises that uncover your unique culture.

Work has changed.  Have you?

Be a workplace innovator

Define your culture and be recognized as a great place to work

 Cultivate collaboration and creativity in your teams

Design your business for agility

Attract talent with your unique employer value proposition


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Culture Summit San Francisco

Build the culture you want to work in!

August 18, 2016





Training & Consulting Solutions

Employer Branding

You want top talent. Top talent wants to know what makes you unique. Define and deliver your Employer Value Proposition.

Culture Design

Know what you stand for and how to get more of what you want. Clearly define and communicate the culture that inspires everything you do.

Employee Engagement

Culture is how things work. Engagement is about how people feel about how things work. Deliver an engaging employee experience.

Leadership Development

Know your talent. Create the learning and growth environment where everyone is motivated and engagement.

Business Agility

Traditional management systems have been disrupted. Build out light-weight approaches to keep you fast moving.

Recruitment Marketing

Get the attention you deserve. Attract talent with social, interactive and creative marketing. Join the recruiting revolution.

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Lets start designing the future of work at your organization!